My take on the Ipad…part 2

After using the Ipad for a full month, here’s my more informed take on the thing;

1. It’s gorgeous!  I’ve always been a fan of simplicity.  Plain round neck shirts, bagel with cream cheese, brewed coffee with some brown sugar, vanilla ice cream…you get the idea.  Apple’s design principles is no different.  I think the reason why the Ipod touch, the Iphone and the Ipad looks so similar is that even if you start designing one of these things without knowing the existence of the other devices, they’d probably arrive at the same hardware and software specifications.  In Apple’s philosophy, less is more and the success of these award winning devices further strengthens that belief.

2. It’s fast!  If you want something done right, do it yourself.  The exact reason why Apple insists on its own software.  Windows (and I refer to any of its iterations) is just really ancient technology that needs to be thrown out the window. Get it? “Windows” out the window?  Microsoft’s OS is just not designed for today’s technologies.  It is cryptic, unstable and sluggish.  I can just imagine needing to run a command line to troubleshoot the Ipad if it actually ran on the thing.  With Apple using its own IOS, it guaranteed that  the device ran “silky smooth” given its hardware.  One of their more controversial decision points is to not allow any Flash content to run on the device as it would affect the user experience (i.e. the device would probably choke) and though I would have been happier if they let me decide if I want to run those contents or not, in the end, it indeed ensure that people don’t see the device struggling to deliver content.

3. It’s heavy!!!  I guess this one is the natural outcome of ensuring that a slim device is sturdy enough for people to roll on it should they fall asleep while using it.  This, they later realized, is not enough reason to make the device as if it was also intended to be your night time form of exercise hence the slimmer, lighter Ipad 2.  I wonder how many people now have stronger forearms because of the Ipad.

4. It’s not cheap!  “The magical device that comes at an amazing price!”  I’m not sure if Steve Jobs was trying to be sarcastic when they arrived at this slogan but really, the device does have an amazing price, amazingly high that is.  I’ve seen complete teardowns of this on Youtube and the internal parts don’t seem to warrant the price that’s on the box.  If the Chinese can make a functional tablet for a tenth of the Ipad’s price, I’m pretty sure, we can see a more decent device priced somewhere in the middle.  Right now, Apple has set the benchmark for pricing these devices and all the competition needs to do is price their products a notch lower.  Despite the barrage of Ipad wannabes out there, the selling price doesn’t seem to vary much.  These things are still damn expensive and we can blame Apple for making us all believe that these gadgets need to be priced that way.

5.  It’s addictive!  This device just brings out a ton of new possibilities that you can’t help but spend endless hours exploring.  Don’t know what I mean?  Try installing iMovie or Garageband or a painting application and you’ll soon understand.  The multi touch capability coupled with very precise gyros brings out a new breed of applications and use cases for the computer.  Interacting with a computer has never felt more natural that you begin to question why it took so long for computers to be designed this way.

There’s lots more that I can say about this device but human focus and attention (mine and yours) can only take so much so I’ll stop right here and let your mind wander some other place.  Till my next entry! Cheers!


Becoming a Mac fanboy…my take on the Ipad

Ok, ok, ok! I admit it. I gave in to my gadget lust yet again. This time in the form of the Apple Ipad(on which I’m typing this entry right now). It kind’a sucks because a week after I bought this, the ipad 2 was released. Worse, Apple gave a rebate to recent buyers in almost everywhere but the Philippines. Oh well, the price you pay when you don’t do your research.

I’ve played with tablets before, long before Apple decided it was the right time for it. Back then, they were all based on Windows. How is it that Microsoft’s utter failure becomes Apple’s next golden boy? Simple answer comes in two words. STEVE JOBS. A device is always way cooler when someone wearing a black turtle neck does the marketing than someone wearing a suit. But seriously, I think Apple’s conservative approach on technology paid up on this one. Nowadays, mobile processors not only have sufficient processing power to take on the task, battery technology has also caught up to make the devices last longer providing truly mobile capabilities on the tablets. Not to mention that mobile internet is now more obiquitous than ever. My experience with the device so far is a fair mix of amusement for the things it can do and disappointments for the things it can’t. Apple has definitely delivered on things they say the device would deliver (intuitive UI, responsive hardware, excellent battery life, and a great software catalogue). My gripes though is that for a device that was deemed to be a ‘post computer’ one, it totally depends on a computer to manage its contents. I guess Jobs and I just dont agree on what ‘post computer’ should mean. At the end of the day, I’d say that the ipad is a great device. Apple describes it as ‘magical’ but I wouldn’t go that far but would say it is a game changer. Am I now officially an Apple fanboy? Naahh! I didn’t buy the Ipad because of that fruit logo at the back but I did buy it though as it is currently the best in it’s class, hands down. How long that’s the case though is another story. Till my next post!

Christmas in Singapore

First year celebrating Christmas as a married man and first time to celebrate Christmas away from the parents.  This time around, I spend Christmas in Singapore.  What better way to spend it than take a photo walk with my wife and meet up with old friends.  Also a great way to experiment on new camera tricks I learned from the last couple of weeks.   See my experiments in the pictures below. (my favorite is the sweeping panorama of the Singapore Flyer)  Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone.

Boni High St.

Bought the Canon EF S 55-250 IS this week.  Figured, this would perfectly compliment my existing stock lens as the lens length starts from where the kit lens ends.  I must say that for the price, it performed quite well producing clear pictures with good image quality even on handheld situations.

As for my subjects, there are only a couple of words I’d use to describe BHS on a Sunday.  Sculptures, kids and dogs.  See the snaps from this weekend’s shooting adventure.  Enjoy!

View from the Top

The best thing about early shifts, going home early.  Early enough that I make it in time for landscape photography’s golden hours, sunset.  After a quick change of clothes, I grabbed my cam and tripod and headed straight to our condo’s drying deck.  I was taking some shots from beside what I think is the boiler room when I noticed a hidden spot on that floor.  Behind a couple of fire exit doors, there actually is a small patch of garden that had open views of the cityscape.  It gave me the perfect spot to take the nice pics below.  Enjoy!

New ballhead, new pics

Made a trip to Manila’s supposed camera heaven, Hidalgo St.  It’s disappointing that there’s really not much choice there.  Might be worth taking a trip back to Hongkong and buy the lens I want.  Anyway, I did manage to make the trip worth my time by buying my tripod’s new best friend, the ballhead.  See the new pics I took this weekend.  Some making use of the ballhead and some with me just toying around with shooting techniques.  Enjoy!